Financial Institutions

Enduring Relationships

We’ve served many of our bank clients for years, some for more than a decade, and we attribute these enduring relationships to our ability to provide sophisticated strategic counsel, combined with hands-on tactical services, in a highly responsive manner.

Unmatched Experience 

More than 30 publicly traded community and regional banks and thrifts, with assets ranging from less than $1 billion to more than $125 billion, have turned to our professionals for investor relations counsel and services.

Specialized Knowledge

Our experience and unique understanding of the industry allows us to draw attention to the quality of a publicly traded financial institution’s management team, enhance understanding of its strategic direction, favorably differentiate it from peers, and secure awareness of its potential for creating long-term shareholder value.

Crisis Management Expertise

We guide regulated financial institutions through the full range of unique challenges faced by banks, as well as those crises that can suddenly impact any public company or complex organization.

Industry Resources

We continually invest in financial institution data resources and training that enable our IR professionals to better serve banks and thrifts.

Financial Institution Focus

Regulated financial institutions seeking to secure full and fair valuation of their shares, protect or enhance their corporate reputations, and adhere to best practices have engaged our specialized investor relations team since 1995.

Our Experience

  • Branchless or “branch light” models focused on serving businesses, entrepreneurs, industry verticals and high-net-worth individuals
    • Institutions with assets under $15 billion
  • Models leveraging non-bank businesses generating fee income in excess of 20% of revenues
    • Institutions with assets under $15 billion
  • Traditional regional models with bank and non-bank businesses
    • Institutions with assets ranging from $20 billion to more than $125 billion
  • Traditional community bank and thrift models
    • Institutions with assets under $15 billion