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National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI)
February 2013
BY Jeff Schoenborn

The “eGroups Buzz” column in the monthly magazine of the National Investor Relations Institute features excerpts of IR professionals’ input and advice on questions posed by NIRI members, to NIRI members. The February 2013 issue of IR Update highlights Casteel Schoenborn’s response to a public company executive asking whether moving the issuer’s earnings conference call from Thursdays to Fridays will lead to negative perceptions and reactions from the investment community:

“… Lots of great input thus far. Also, if you're not doing it already, I recommend informally polling your buy and sell side by saying, ‘While we've typically held quarterly conference calls on Thursdays, we're considering hosting them more regularly on Friday mornings, as we did for 2Q12, and would appreciate hearing whether you have a preference.’ Whether you ask the question during normal-course conversations with your sell side and the top 10 holders, during a quick round of calls to specifically address this topic, or in a brief e-mail, you'll gain direct audience input to inform your decision. In addition, the exercise will help signal to this audience that any scheduling change is part of a thoughtful planning process, and not a reaction to actual results in a given quarter (good or bad).” – Jeff Schoenborn, Casteel Schoenborn

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